donderdag, september 01, 2016

TM @ Toul ar Groaz camp 2018

Album link: Example view TM styles

NEW TM bootcamp 2018
Zaterdag 25 augustus HEENREIS.
26, 27, 28, 29, 30 TM-TRAININGEN.
Vrijdag  31 augustus TERUGREIS
Het is dan eveneens weer een 5-daagse workshop (26 t/m 30 trainingen).
Kosten € 475,-- all in!!!
Hier verblijf je in Frankrijk (Bretagne) Als je graag in een Lodge wilt overnachten, kies je huisje, doe €150,- donatie en schrijf deelnemer TM Bootcamp 2018. Dan hoef je nog maar € 325,- te overhandigen aan de eigenaar van de Lodge, je eten en drinken is ook inclusief.

 Donatie op de FEY website via Paypal

Doe een aanbetaling en reserveer tijdig. Huisje/Lodge weg, dan is er plaats in de gemeenschappelijk slaapruimte, en wildkamperen in je eigen tent op beschermd natuur terrein mag ook. Totale groep is maximaal 8 personen, geven niks om volume maar wel om kwaliteit, respect en discipline.
If you want to enter this training, please let me know and sent me a e-mail >>

zondag, december 14, 2014

Tuntunan Mulia Netherlands

Trainer details: 
First name Ernst
Age 45  , 8 June 1972
Education related to health:
Natural healing I + II, University Den Hague
Life Blood Analyse, University Hoofddorp

  • Co founder & first trainer TM in Europe

dinsdag, augustus 09, 2011


I believe that a "no cure no pay" is the system for the future what should be in all healthcare/doctors sectors.



Yoga Trainer & Health-coach//Maximum health & successful in all aspects of life// Vegan @ 1994, raw food-life style @ 2013.Start liquidarian @2014. 

You will fix yourself en be proud
With great joy and love


zondag, maart 04, 2007

TRAINING SCHEDULE 3 februari 2011

The training is every Tuesday. We start training at 19.00 o'clock, in Nieuw Vennep. The cost are € 7,50- per person/week (it is a support and used for our foundation what stands for clean water, fresh air and mineralization the earth)

You will/can also train 2 times in one month in Delft @ a Sunday-night to practice

If you want to enter this training, please let me know and sent me a e-mail >>

Directly scroll down to THE TRAINING to see the contents of the TM program.

Warm greeting from Ernst

zondag, december 03, 2006


Welcome to my web-blog, maybe you have hear from it or just accidentally. If after scroll down and read more about Tuntunan Mulia and you feel ready to train like this man beside me ^^

Than i like to teach you. Fill in the register document (more down this web site) e-mail it to me, and i take contact whit you as soon as possible.

I'm already active from 1996 and be educated in Indonesia

zondag, oktober 29, 2006

Little extra in TM is Yoga

You can start already with Yoga to make your body more athletic. There are more than 3000 styles to do all over the word!! i have been teach to do a few of these thousands style what is enough to make your body flexible. It will be help you to do the Tuntunan Mulia styles more better. (just extra but not necessary to do TM if you are already flexible)

I do it everyday with a little *true meditation.

* True meditation is no thinking, no visualization or singing mantra's for example.

zaterdag, september 02, 2006


I want to explain a little bit about the brain + HE

> in the first picture we see the brain explained

> In the second picture you see 1 of the styles with special breathing to wake up your HE.

> in the third picture you see that after training seriously and have good discipline to do so, the brain and the HE ( holy energy) become one. There is no time and space anymore.